VOXFLOR @ Chinafloor 2018

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DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR is the leading flooring trade exhibition in Asian Pacific and the second largest flooring trade exhibition worldwide. A great experience with our new beautiful series shown in Booth W1H01. 

The interior design takes its inspiration from the main character of the show, the MUNDI collection. In fact there is a central core, a dark cave, which hosts the VR set, our ultimate design technology, which represents the future, and consequently is paved with our MISTY carpet tiles. All around this space we have the jungle, with plants in vases and pending from the ceiling. This is the space in which the nature try to hide the treasures of the past, the space of FOSSIL. 


The booth has been deigned in order to offer different level of privacy for client meeting during the Domotex Fair: a big open space right after the double main entrance, monitored by an angular reception desk, located right on the corner of two main corridors of the Hangar W1, allows the first impact meeting and let the client free to have a first impression of the space. For a more friendly approach the bar desk offers stools and the possibility to have a drink together. For a deeper meeting, the seats and armchairs distributed under the plants around the central core permit a more confidential talking. For larger groups of visitors bigger desks and sofas are displaced on the back, as well as 3 little niches where the carpets, growing on the wall too, create a very confidential atmosphere. In addition, 5 large meeting rooms provide the space for official meetings.

MISTY carpet tiles have been used mainly for the central VR room, the bar area and the sofa area on the back, while FOSSIL for the surrounding space. From the reception area starts a path made with EASE tiles that leads the visitor all around through the main space, to the meeting rooms and to the core room. MOSS tiles have been used to give a color accent to the 3 niches, whereas the side meeting rooms are covered with a combination of  FOSSIL MISTY and MOSS while the central ones shows a mix of EASE and RUSH HOUR. For additional product storage and show, a carpet display area has been located on the side of the entrance, served by a brilliant lighting and LVT for its flooring.


 20 Years Booth Design Award  1999-2018/ 20 Years Outstanding Contribution Award 1999-2018

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